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1. Peter Selinger: Finite Lambda Model Applet
Finite lambda models are a reasoning tool for proving the inequality of untyped lambda terms with respect to beta or beta-eta equivalence.
Finite Lambda Model Applet
Finite Lambda Models are a reasoning tool for proving the inequality of untyped lambda terms with respect to beta- or beta-eta equivalence. They are described in my paper Order-Incompleteness and Finite Lambda Models , and in my thesis This applet allows you to edit a finite lambda model and several lambda terms. It checks that the model you are entering is well-defined, and automatically calculates the term denotations. The applet consists of three parts: Poset Editor. Binary Operation Editor. Here you can edit the multiplication table for a binary application operation on your poset. Move around with the arrow keys, return, and tab keys. Enter upper- or lowercase letters to change an entry. For the operation to yield a well-defined finite lambda model, it must be both monotone and strongly extensional. The status line indicates whether this is the case. If the status line does not display "Okay", then no term denotations are calculated and a blue background in the multiplication table indicates a place where monotonicity or strong extensionality fails. The operation being edited is really partial. To account for this, an implicit "bottom" element is always added to the poset being edited in the Poset Editor. An empty entry in the multiplication table corresponds to this bottom element. If all entries are non-empty, and the poset you have entered is pointed, then you can ignore this implicit bottom element, as it will never become a term denotation.

2. Thermodynamic Constraints On A Time-dependent Lambda Model (cosmology)
By assuming that Lambda decays as Lambda = alpha Rm+ beta (R/R)2, where R(t) is the scale factor of the FRW models, the second law of thermodynamics and
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Thermodynamic constraints on a time-dependent Lambda model (cosmology)
J M Salim et al Class. Quantum Grav. 1767-1774 doi:10.1088/0264-9381/10/9/018 PDF (329 KB) References Articles citing this article
J M Salim
and I Waga
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Abstract. The general expression for the entropy production in cosmologies with variable effective cosmological 'constant' ( Lambda ) is presented. By assuming that Lambda decays as Lambda = alpha R -m + beta (R/R) , where R(t) is the scale factor of the FRW models, the second law of thermodynamics and the Landau-Lifshitz theory for non-equilibrium fluctuations are used to establish constraints on the parameters alpha , beta and m. Print publication: Issue 9 (September 1993)
PDF (329 KB)
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J M Salim I Waga
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    Biomedical Materials British Journal of Applied Physics (1950-1967) Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics Chinese Physics (2000-2007) Chinese Physics B Chinese Physics Letters Classical and Quantum Gravity Clinical Physics and Physiological Measurement (1980-1992) Communications in Theoretical Physics Distributed Systems Engineering (1993-1999)

3. JSTOR A Filter Lambda Model And The Completeness Of Type Assignment
A FILTER lambda model 937 4. Conservativity. Using a Prawitz normalization argument it will be shown that extended type assignment is conservative over that<931:AFLMAT>2.0.CO;2-W

4. [BCD+83] A Filter Lambda Model And The Completeness Of Type Assignment
Author(s), Henk Barendregt, Mario Coppo and Mariangiola DezaniCiancaglini. Title, « A Filter lambda model and the Completeness of Type Assignment »
Chronological Overview Type-Hierarchical Overview Semantics and Logics of Computation
(Most of the papers antecedent to 1995
are not included in the list) FRAMES NO FRAME tipoA-BCD:JSL (Article)
Author(s) Henk Barendregt, Mario Coppo and Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini Title Journal The Journal of Symbolic Logic Volume Number Page(s) Year URL BibTeX code
Chronological Overview
Type-Hierarchical Overview Semantics and Logics of Computation
(Most of the papers antecedent to 1995
are not included in the list) FRAMES NO FRAME
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(Modified by Luca Paolini, under the GNU General Public License

5. Blackwell Synergy - Clin Genet, Volume 72 Issue 2 Page 87-97, August 2007 (Artic
Validation study of the lambda model for predicting the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation . In this paper, we sought to validate the lambda model using a large
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Publication history
Published article online:
05 Jul 2007
Issue online:
26 Jul 2007
Received 13 February 2007, revised and accepted for publication 1 May 2007
Clinical Genetics
Volume 72 Issue 2 Page 87-97, August 2007 To cite this article: C Apicella, JG Dowty, GS Dite, MA Jenkins, RT Senie, MB Daly, IL Andrulis, EM John, SS Buys, FP Li, G Glendon, W Chung, H Ozcelik, A Miron, K Kotar, MC Southey, WD Foulkes, JL Hopper (2007)
Validation study of the lambda model for predicting the or mutation carrier status of North American Ashkenazi Jewish women
doi:10.1111/j.1399-0004.2007.00841.x Prev Article Next Article Abstract
Original Article
Validation study of the lambda model for predicting the or mutation carrier status of North American Ashkenazi Jewish women

6. IngentaConnect Thermodynamic Constraints On A Time-dependent Lambda Model (cosmo
Thermodynamic constraints on a timedependent lambda model (cosmology). Authors Salim J.M.; Waga I. Source Classical and Quantum Gravity, Volume 10,
var tcdacmd="dt";

7. [hep-th/0204131] A Tentative Theory Of Large Distance Physics
It is a two dimensional nonlinear model, the lambda model, set to govern the string worldsurface to remedy the failure of string theory. The lambda model is hep-th
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High Energy Physics - Theory
Title: A tentative theory of large distance physics
Authors: Daniel Friedan (Submitted on 17 Apr 2002) Abstract: Comments: Latex, 107 pages Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th) Journal reference: JHEP 0310 (2003) 063 Report number: RUNHETC-2002-12 Cite as: arXiv:hep-th/0204131v1
Submission history
From: Daniel Friedan [ view email
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 19:05:46 GMT (80kb)
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9. A Filter Lambda Model And The Completeness Of Type Assignment
A Filter lambda model and the Completeness of Type Assignment. Henk Barendregt, Mario Coppo and Mariangiola DezaniCiancaglini
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10. Fuji Xerox Launches Able 1406 Lambda Series Digital Multifunction A2-size Capabl
Next in the series, the Able 1406 lambda modelD, incorporates an auto duplex copy function, while the Able 1406 lambda model-P features printer and scanner
Japan Overseas Inquiries Sitemap Japanese Page Fuji Xerox Launches Able 1406 Lambda Series
Digital multifunction A2-size capable machine September 16, 2004
Fuji Xerox will release three new digital multifunction machines onto the market on October 15, 2004. The basic model in this series, the Able 1406 Lambda, achieves print speeds of up to 40 ppm (A4 long-edge feed) and accommodates A2-size paper. Next in the series, the Able 1406 Lambda Model-D, incorporates an auto duplex copy function, while the Able 1406 Lambda Model-P features printer and scanner functions. In addition to incorporating A2-size copy and printer functions , which are capable of reproducing both black and red images, the Able 1406 Lambda series can also send and receive A2-size faxes . An A2 network scanner function is optionally available. A finisher (stapler and two-hole puncher) completes the package for an all-around, efficient copy operation. The series complies with the Green Procurement Law and International Energy Star Program, and has been awarded Eco Mark certification from the Japan Environment Association. Notes: Optional with Able 1406 Lambda and Able 1406 Lambda Model-D Optional with all models
Main Features
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11. Baztech Informacja O Publikacji
Streszczenie angielskie We build a lambda model which characterizes completely (persistently) normalizing, (persistently) head normalizing,

12. Once More On The Equilibrium-point Hypothesis (lam...[J Mot Behav. 1986] - PubMe
The equilibrium control hypothesis (lambda model) is considered with special reference to the following concepts (a) the lengthforce invariant

13. Cosmology Calculations
The lambda model with t=14 Gyr is probably the most popular cosmological model today. The Flat Model was the most popular model of the late 1980 s and early
Cosmology Calculations
Ever see an astronomy press release that trumpets the discovery of a galaxy at redshift 5.6? Ever wonder what "redshift 5.6" means? Ever get confused by the correspondence of redshift, time, and various other cosmology parameters? If so, then this is the web page for you. The equations that relate time, redshift, and the other cosmological parameters are complicated enough that one has to use a computer to solve all but the most trivial cases. Fortunately, computers have gotten fast enough that one can implement these equations over the web. Below you will find a simple 3-step procedure for obtaining the basic parameters of several popular cosmological models (or one of your own choosing) at most any point in time or redshift.
Step 1: Choose the Cosmological Model
Model Name Present Day Matter Density Parameter [Omega_Matter] Present Day Vacuum Energy Parameter [Omega_Lambda] Present Day Hubble Parameter (km/s/Mpc) Present Age of Universe (Gyr) Lambda Model, t=14 Gyr
Lambda Model, t=13 Gyr

14. Lambda Model 50 Power Supply - AMPAGE Archive
I just got a lambda model 50 regulated power supply.It s great for designing circuits, anyway I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a manual for
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Lambda model 50 power supply
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5/3/2000 4:18 AM Joe D
Lambda model 50 power supply I just got a Lambda model 50 regulated power supply.It's great for designing circuits, anyway I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a manual for it? Thanks.
Joe D
5/3/2000 2:30 PM Eric Eisenhower
W.J. Ford Surplus has it. You can rent it for 30 days for $10. Manual listed at:
Home page at:
It is probably other places as well. Didn't see it at AG Tannenbaum, but worth looking 'round.
5/4/2000 4:56 AM Joe D Thanks Eric, I'll email W.J.Ford. Joe D. Page 1 of 1

15. Phys. Rev. Lett. 85 (2000): Sungchul Kwon, Jysoo Lee, And Hyunggyu Park - Does H
The NBAW\Theta 2\lambda model is a classical stochastic system consisting of N . We find n\Delta \Delta 1.00\Theta 5\Lambda for models without hard core
Physical Review Online Archive Physical Review Online Archive AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
Browse Search Members ... Help
Abstract/title Author: Full Record: Full Text: Title: Abstract: Cited Author: Collaboration: Affiliation: PACS: Phys. Rev. Lett. Phys. Rev. A Phys. Rev. B Phys. Rev. C Phys. Rev. D Phys. Rev. E Phys. Rev. ST AB Phys. Rev. ST PER Rev. Mod. Phys. Phys. Rev. (Series I) Phys. Rev. Volume: Page/Article: MyArticles: View Collection Help (Click on the to add an article.)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 1682 - 1685 (2000)
Previous article
Next article Issue 8 View PDF (90 kB) or Buy this Article Use Article Pack Export Citation: BibTeX EndNote (RIS) Does Hard Core Interaction Change Absorbing-Type Critical Phenomena?
Sungchul Kwon Jysoo Lee , and Hyunggyu Park Department of Physics, Inha University, Inchon 402-751, Korea National Creative Research Initiative Center for Neurodynamics and Department of Physics, Korea University, Seoul 136-701, Korea
Received 19 January 2000 It has been generally believed that hard core interaction is irrelevant to absorbing-type critical phenomena because the particle density is so low near an absorbing phase transition. We study the effect of hard core interaction on the N -species branching annihilating random walks with two offspring and report that hard core interaction drastically changes the absorbing-type critical phenomena in a nontrivial way. Through a Langevin equation-type approach, we predict analytically the values of the scaling exponents, ν

16. Science/AAAS | Science Magazine: Sign In
The other, called the lambda model, is the kind of universe suggested by new measurements of the cosmic expansion rate one that has an omega matter of 0.3
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ASTROPHYSICS: Cosmos in a Computer
Science 5 June 1998: 1522
DOI: 10.1126/science.280.5369.1522

17. Contents & Abstracts, Schedae Informaticae, Issue 12 (2003)
We build a lambda model which characterizes completely (persistently) normalizing, (persistently) head normalizing, and (persistently) weak head normalizing
Pierre Lescanne Explicit Substitutions and Intersection Types, pp. 11-15 Full version: Pawe³ Waszkiewicz Domain Theory as a Tool for Topology - a Case Study, pp. 17-26 Abstract. In this paper we adopt a certain view on continuous posets and see them as models of their spaces of maximal elements, which are most often topologies rich in structure. Adopting this perspective seems to be fruitful: we are often able to match structural properties of the modelling poset to properties of the modelled space. It was discovered by Mike Reed and Keye Martin two years ago that existence of a measurement on the model corresponds to existence of a development for the modelled topological space. We present an elementary proof of this fact and show how one can use this result to give a new proof to one of the first metrization theorems in Topology. Keywords. Continuous dcpo, domain, development, metrization. Full version: René David , Karim Nour A Short Proof of the Strong Normalization of the Simply Typed lm -calculus

18. Breast Cancer Research | Full Text | Log Odds Of Carrying An Ancestral Mutation
We shall exploit this feature in our lambda model below. . The development of the lambda model with the use of the results of the logistic regression
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Issue 6
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Research article
Log odds of carrying an Ancestral Mutation in or for a Defined personal and family history in an Ashkenazi Jewish woman (LAMBDA)
Carmel Apicella Lesley Andrews Shirley V Hodgson Sheila A Fisher Cathryn M Lewis Ellen Solomon Katherine Tucker Michael Friedlander Agnes Bankier Melissa C Southey Deon J Venter and John L Hopper Centre for Genetic Epidemiology, The University of Melbourne, Carlton, Victoria, Australia Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

19. Mathematician's Professional Homepage, Detail Information
M. DezaniCiancaglini and S. Ghilezan A behavioural lambda model, Schedae Informaticae Universitas Iagelonica 12, 35-47.

General Information



News and Miscellaneous
List of publications
  • M.Dezani-Ciancaglini, S. Ghilezan, J. Pantovic, D. Varaca: Security types for dynamic web data Theoretical Computer Science (to appear).
  • H. Herbelin and S. Ghilezan: An approach to call-by-name delimited continuations , The 35th Annual ACM SIGPLAN SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages POPL 2008 San Francisco, USA, January 2008.
  • D. Dougherty, S. Ghilezan and P. Lescanne: Characterizing strong normalization in the Curien-Herbelin symmetric lambda calculus: extending the Coppo-Dezani heritage, Theoretical Computer Science (special issue Festschrift Coppo, Dezani, Ronchi, eds S. Berardi, U de' Liquoro) (to appear).
  • S. Ghilezan, J. Pantovic and J. Zunic: Separating Points by Parallel Hyperplanes Characterization Problem, IEEE Transactions of Neural Networks vol. 18 no. 5 (2007) 1356-1363.
  • M.Dezani-Ciancaglini, S. Ghilezan and J. Pantovic:

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21. Intersection Types And Lambda Models
Furio Honsell , Simonetta Ronchi Della Rocca, An approximation theorem for topological lambda models and the topological incompleteness of lambda calculus,

22. Positional Frames Of Reference In Motor Control: Origin And Use
In the lambda model, since CVs have positional dimensions, they may indeed .. The lambda model indicates how, in principle, a frame of reference can be
Below is the unedited preprint (not a quotable final draft) of:
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
The final published draft of the target article, commentaries and Author's Response are currently available only in paper. For information on becoming a commentator on this or other BBS target articles, write to:
For information about subscribing or purchasing offprints of the published version, with commentaries and author's response, write to: (North America) or (All other countries).
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Montreal (1)
Research Centre, Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal, H3S 2J4 (2)
School of Rehabilitation, University of Montreal (3)
Centre for Research in Neurological Sciences, University of Montreal (4)
motor control, frames of reference, motoneurons, control variables, proprioception, kinaesthesis, equilibrium points, multi-muscle systems, pointing, synergy, redundancy problem.
Abbreviations: CNS, central nervous system; CV, control variable; EMG, electromyogram; EP, equilibrium point; IC, invariant characteristic; IN, interneuron; MN, motoneuron.

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24. Biological Cybernetics, Volume 89
Evaluation of the lambda model for human postural control during ankle strategy. 227236 Electronic Edition (link) BibTeX
Biological Cybernetics , Volume 89
Volume 89, Number 1, July 2003
Volume 89, Number 2, August 2003

25. Characterization Theorems For A Filter Lambda Model
Characterization Theorems for a Filter lambda model. Simona Ronchi Della Rocca. Journal Title Information and Control. Date 1982. Volume 54. Issue 3

26. Model Structure
Pradel Survival and lambda model. Pradel (1996) also parameterized his model with both recruitment and apparent survival to have the parameters apparent
Model Structure Program Mark provides parameter estimates for 47 data types : Cormack-Jolly-Seber models (live animal recaptures that are released alive), band (ring) recovery models (dead animal recoveries), models with both live and dead re-encounters (Burnham's model), known fate models, nest survival models, closed capture models, band (ring) recovery models where the number of animals marked is unknown, robust design models for live recaptures Barker's extension to Burnham's model multi-strata live recapture model , Brownie et al.'s model of band or ring recoveries, Jolly-Seber models that include either seniority probability, recruitment rate, rate of population change, or probability of entry, and probability of occupancy models. Estimation in Cormack-Jolly-Seber Designs
Live Recaptures.
Live recaptures are the basis of the standard Cormack-Jolly-Seber model. Marked animals are released into the population, often by trapping them from the populations. Then, marked animals are encountered by catching them alive and re-releasing them. If marked animals are released into the population on occasion 1, then each succeeding capture occasion is one encounter occasion. Consider the following scenario:
Animals survive from initial release to the second encounter occasion with probability S(1), and from second encounter occasion to the third encounter occasion with probability S(2). The recapture probability at encounter occasion 2 is p(2), and p(3) is the recapture probability at encounter occasion 3. At least 2 re-encounter occasions are required to estimate the survival rate between the first release occasion and the first re-encounter occasion, i.e., S(1). The survival rate between the last two encounter occasions is not estimable because only the product of survival and recapture probability for this occasion is identifiable.

27. Bibliography For Intersection Types And Related Systems
A filter lambda model and the completeness of type assignment. . Two behavioural lambda models. In Types 02 , volume 2246 of LNCS , pages 127147.
Bibliography for Intersection Types and Related Systems
This bibliography is woefully incomplete. It will be greatly appreciated if people send me additional entries. These entries should preferably be in BibTeX format. It helps if the entry includes a brief (e.g., one sentence) note giving the main topics of the item. 187 references, last updated Wed Dec 19 18:05:07 2007
Alexander S. Aiken and Edward L. Wimmers. Type inclusion constraints and type inference. In FPCA '93, Conf. Funct. Program. Lang. Comput. Arch. , pages 31-41. ACM, 1993.
Alexander S. Aiken , Edward L. Wimmers, and T. K. Lakshman. Soft typing with conditional types. In Conf. Rec. 21st Ann. ACM Symp. Princ. of Prog. Langs. , pages 163-173, 1994.
F. Alessi and F. Barbanera . Strong conjunction and intersection types. In A. Tarlecki, editor, Proc. 16th Int'l Symp. Mathematical Foundations Computer Science (MFCS '91) , volume 520 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , pages 64-73. Springer, 1991.
Fabio Alessi and Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini . Type preorders and recursive terms. In ITRS '04 , pages 3-21. The ITRS '04 proceedings appears as vol. 136 (2005-07-19) of

28. Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center: Mathematics - I-M
allows you to edit a finite lambda model and several lambda terms. It checks that the model you are entering is welldefined, and automatically
(Calculators, Spreadsheets, Courses, etc.)
US/Pacific: Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sydney, Australia: Sunday, December 23, 2007

File Download Time Calculator

... Calculators
Complex Math Calculators by Specialty: I-M
Image Processing
Interval Arithmetic
Knots, Knot Theory, Vectors, Vector Analysis, ... Calculators On-Line Center Home Page

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30. Scientific Commons A Filter Lambda Model And The Completeness Of
A filter lambda model and the completeness of type assignement (1983). Barendregt, HP,; DezaniCiancaglini, M.,; Coppo, M. Publication details
< µ±Ì3º?ih°QJ„¬ê6e©5j4E¢Ì£ ¬¨]Ê Ëe7)Ú乞vté(Ñç%úXR¢íRiw¤wlxz’±Zy(ÓFWãá!ì?ã]6[ľ­‡>rúnLÍõspeX1õ‰¶Ôoý ÑM‹žTÊýª6ÿ

31. Validation Study Of The Lambda Model For Predicting The BRCA1 Or BRCA2 Mutation
lambda is a model that estimates the probability an Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) woman carries an ancestral BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation from her personal and family
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Clin Genet. 2007 Aug ;72 (2):87-97 17661812 Validation study of the lambda model for predicting the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation carrier status of North American Ashkenazi Jewish women. [My paper] C Apicella Jg Dowty Gs Dite Ma Jenkins ... [Doi] Other papers by authors: J Med Genet. 2003 Aug ;40 (8):e91 12920083 Individual and family characteristics associated with protein truncating BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in an Ontario population based series from the Cooperative Family Registry for Breast Cancer Studies. [My paper] H Ozcelik J A Knight G Glendon H Yazici ... I L Andrulis Br J Cancer. 2000 Sep ;83 (6):737-42 10952777 BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in Turkish breast/ovarian families and young breast cancer patients.

32. Par.Newgamma = 0; % Will Be Set To 1 By Input File If New Gamma_m
SNLabel = Fake lambda model with Gaussian dis. Tot zs ; case 6 load SNFakeGoldLam; par.SNTot = SNFakeGoldLam; par.SNLabel = Fake lambda model with
< z < 2.3e-14; % default is 1.e-3 par.odeabstol = 1.e-18; % 1.e-18; % 1.e-10; % < 1.e-27; % default is 1.e-6 % par.odereltol = 1.e-13; % 1.e-9; % 1.e-5;% < 2.3e-14; % default is 1.e-3 % par.odeabstol = 1.e-26; % 1.e-18; % 1.e-10; % < 1.e-27; % default is 1.e-6 % par.odereltol = 1.e-14; % 1.e-9; % 1.e-5;% < 2.3e-14; % default is 1.e-3 % par.odeabstol = 1.e-28; % 1.e-18; % 1.e-10; %

33. Renyue Cen Home Page
CDM+lambda model, H0=67, Omega=0.30, Omega_b=0.035, Lambda=0.70, sigma_8=0.90, L=25Mpc/h, Ncell=768^3. This simulation includes galaxy/star formation,
  • Gravitational Collapse of Small-Scale Structure as the Origin of the Lyman Alpha Forest
  • The Lyman Alpha Forest from Gravitational Collapse in the CDM+Lambda Model
  • Testing Cosmological Models with a Lyman Alpha Cloud Statistic: The Fraction of a Quasar Spectrum with High Lyman Alpha Optical Depth
  • Sizes, Shapes, Correlations of Lyman Alpha Clouds and Their Evolution in the CDM+Lambda Universe ...
  • Cosmological parameter analysis including SDSS Ly-alpha forest and galaxy bias: constraints on the primordial spectrum of fluctuations, neutrino mass, and dark energy
    A New Simulation
    CDM+Lambda Model, H0=67, Omega=0.30, Omega_b=0.035, Lambda=0.70, sigma_8=0.90, L=25Mpc/h, Ncell=768^3
    This simulation includes galaxy/star formation, energy feedback from supernova explosions, ionization radiation from massive stars and metal recycling due to SNe/galactic winds
    In addition, ``metals" are followed as a separate variable, not as an ad hoc add-on
    Epoch redshift z=6
    primary components
    total gas density
    dark matter density
    stellar mass density
    major species
    H I density
    He I density
    He II density
    metal density
    dividing in temperature
    cold gas (T
    warm/hot gas (T=10^5-10^7K)
    very hot gas (T>10^7K)
    velocity, temperature imformation
  • 34. Breast Cancer Network Australia
    Validation Study of the lambda model for Predicting the BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation Carrier Status of North American Ashkenazi Jewish Women

    35. 2006 Chevrolet Uplander - Consumer Guide Automotive
    Curiously, though, we ve heard nothing yet about a lambda model for Chevroletcurious indeed, given this brand s high sales importance.
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    BUYING GUIDES ARTICLES RESOURCES LEARN MORE Auto ... EMAIL 2006 Chevrolet Uplander Date Published: 10/31/07 Also in the 2006 Chevrolet Uplander Review: Chevrolet Uplander
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    2006 Chevrolet Uplander More Photos MSRP: Invoice: Class: Minivan 2006 Chevrolet Uplander Expert Rating Summary Category FWD 2LT Rating (See All Ratings) Minivan Average Rating Acceleration Fuel Economy Ride Quality Steering/Handling/Braking Quietness Controls Room/Comfort/Driver Seating (front) Room/Comfort (rear) Cargo Room Value within Class Total Score: Ratings: Maximum 10 points per category Trade-In Calculator Sell Your Car 2006 Chevrolet Uplander Review Competition Consumer Guide® Automotive places each vehicle into one of 17 classes based on size, price, and market position. Long the choice as the family hauler, Minivans are easily the smartest use of space for passengers and cargo. These vehicles offer a fantastic blend of comfort, convenience, and safety features for the modern family.

    36. ScienceWeek
    Apparently, it is the lambda model that is producing structures more in agreement with observations, although both models have difficulty accounting for
    Personal Subscriptions Group Subscriptions Archives Contact Us ... Advertising ScienceWeek
    Crossing Barriers Since 1997 Receive ScienceWeek three times a week by Email: Subscriptions About ScienceWeek Archives Contact Us ... Subscriptions

    US Library of Congress ISSN 1529-1472

    37. J. Bact -- Sign In Page
    The Lex/Ant regulatory system of N15 and other linear phageplasmids seems to be an alternative to the lambda model of cleavable repressor.
    This item requires a subscription to The Journal of Bacteriology Online.
    Full Text
    The Antirepressor Needed for Induction of Linear Plasmid-Prophage N15 Belongs to...
    Mardanov and Ravin J. Bacteriol..
    This Article Abstract Full Text (PDF) Alert me when this article is cited ... Alert me if a correction is posted Services Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in PubMed Alert me to new issues of the journal Download to citation manager ... MicrobeWorld Google Scholar Articles by Mardanov, A. V. Articles by Ravin, N. V. PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by Mardanov, A. V. Articles by Ravin, N. V. To view this item, select one of the options below: Sign In User Name Sign in without cookies.
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    Appl. Environ. Microbiol.
    Infect. Immun. Eukaryot. Cell Mol. Cell. Biol. ... ALL ASM JOURNALS by the American Society for Microbiology

    38. Lambda-CDM Model - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    CDM or lambdaCDM is an abbreviation for lambda-Cold Dark Matter. It is frequently referred to as the concordance model of big bang cosmology,
    var wgNotice = ""; var wgNoticeLocal = ""; var wgNoticeLang = "en"; var wgNoticeProject = "wikipedia";
    Lambda-CDM model
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search A pie chart indicating the proportional composition of different energy-density components of the universe. Roughly ninety-five percent is exotic dark matter and dark energy Physical cosmology Key topics Universe Big Bang
    Age of the universe

    Timeline of the Big Bang
    Ultimate fate of the universe
    Early universe Inflation Nucleosynthesis
    Neutrino Background ...
    Cosmic microwave background
    Expanding universe Redshift Hubble's law
    Metric expansion of space

    Friedmann equations
    FLRW metric
    Structure formation Shape of the universe
    Structure formation

    Galaxy formation
    Large-scale structure Components Lambda-CDM model Dark energy Dark matter History Timeline of cosmology... Cosmology experiments Observational cosmology SDSS CoBE BOOMERanG ... WMAP Scientists Einstein Hawking Friedman Lema®tre ... edit ΛCDM or Lambda-CDM is an abbreviation for Lambda-Cold Dark Matter . It is frequently referred to as the concordance model of big bang cosmology , since it attempts to explain cosmic microwave background observations, as well as

    39. ScienceDirect - Journal Of Theoretical Biology : Modelling The Stability Of Stx
    We have developed a mathematical model to examine whether known differences in operator regions and binding affinities between Stx phages and lambda phage
    Athens/Institution Login Not Registered? User Name: Password: Remember me on this computer Forgotten password? Home Browse My Settings ... Help Quick Search Title, abstract, keywords Author e.g. j s smith Journal/book title Volume Issue Page Journal of Theoretical Biology
    Volume 248, Issue 2
    , 21 September 2007, Pages 241-250
    Full Text + Links PDF (311 K) Related Articles in ScienceDirect Shiga toxin encoding bacteriophages modulators of vi...
    International Journal of Medical Microbiology Supplemen...

    Shiga toxin
    International Journal of Medical Microbiology Supplements Volume 293, Supplement 36 September 2003 Page 439
    PDF (59 K)
    Theoretical and experimental analysis of the phage lamb...
    Journal of Theoretical Biology

    Theoretical and experimental analysis of the phage lambda genetic switch implies missing levels of co operativity
    Journal of Theoretical Biology Volume 145, Issue 3 9 August 1990 Pages 295-318
    John Reinitz and J. Rimas Vaisnys Abstract The behavior of the cro-repressor switch in phage lambda, a temperature phage of Escherichia coli , is described at the organismal level within a dynamical system framework. The molecular biology of the switch has been well characterized up to the level of the regulation of transcription initiation. In this paper we construct a description of a lysogen whose prophage is mutated in certain genes, so that the switch is functionally isolated from the rest of the phage genome. Such a lysogen has two stable epigenetic states, and comparison of the theory with measurements of intracellular cro concentration corresponding to one of these states suggest that additional levels of regulation, not included in the current description of the switch, should exist for this system. In addition, we suggest a new method for the measurement of intracellular concentrations.

    40. Barendregt: Lambda Calculus
    The classes of lambdaalgebras and lambda-models can be described . There is a lambda-model that cannot be embedded in an extensional lambda-model.
    The Omega Group TPS A higher-order theorem proving system This page was created and is maintained by Chad E Brown
    Barendregt, H. P. The Lambda Calculus: Its Syntax and Semantics. North Holland, Amsterdam (1984).
    Part I: TOWARDS THE THEORY Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: Conversion. Chapter 3: Reduction. Chapter 4: Theories. ... Chapter 5: Models. Part II: CONVERSION Chapter 6: Classical Lambda Calculus. Chapter 7: The Theory of Combinators. Chapter 8: Classical Lambda Calculus (Continued) Chapter 10: Bohm Trees. Part III: REDUCTION Chapter 11: Fundamental Theorems. Chapter 13: Reduction Strategies. Appendix A: Typed Lambda Calculus. Part I: TOWARDS THE THEORY Chapter 1: Introduction. Lambda calculus is a theory of functions as rules instead of graphs. The objects of study (type free lambda terms) can be used as both function and argument. Lambda calculus was originally invented to provide a general theory of functions which could be extended to provide a foundation for mathematics. Church's original system [1932/33] was inconsistent due to the Kleene-Rosser paradox [1935]. One response by Church [1941] was to study the subsystem given by the lambda-I calculus. [Another response was to study a system based on typed lambda calculus.] Curry proposed to extend pure combinatory logic by illative notions to give a foundation for mathematics. This program has not been completed. Another foundational approach related to lambda calculus is Feferman's [1975/80] systems for constructive mathematics based on partial application. These systems are related to Wagner [1969] and Strong's [1968] Uniformly Reflexive Structures. Also, there are relationships between typed lambda calculus, proof theory and category theory.

    41. [Some Citations For Lambda Calculus Books From MathSciNet Djr
    In Section 3, the notion of $\lambda$model in the category of complete lattices is introduced and the construction of a particular such model $D\sb A$ is

    42. Science Links Japan | Configurations Of Vowels Using Force Vectors And .LAMBDA.
    lambda. model. For various speech styles, relations between the style and muscle lambda. model based control is disabled. To deal with this problem,
    Home Opinions Press Releases ... IEIC Technical Report (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)(2006)
    Configurations of vowels using force vectors and .LAMBDA. vectors based on a 3D tongue model
    Accession number; Title; Configurations of vowels using force vectors and .LAMBDA. vectors based on a 3D tongue model Author; FUJITA SATORU(Japan Advanced Inst. Sci. and Technol., Hokuriku) DANG JIANWU(Japan Advanced Inst. Sci. and Technol., Hokuriku) PERRIER PASCAL(Univ. Stendhal, Grenoble, Fra) Journal Title; IEIC Technical Report (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
    Journal Code:
    ISSN: VOL. NO. PAGE. FIG.3, TBL.1, REF.7 Pub. Country; Japan Language; Japanese Abstract; An speech control method using mapping of static equilibrium position and muscle activation (EP-map) has been proposed, based on the hypothesis that static equilibrium positions are used to plan motion trajectories. In the previous studies muscle forces were employed, but no speed control method has been considered. In this study, a new method to control speed of the tongue movement is proposed by reconfiguration of EP-map adopting .LAMBDA. model. For various speech styles, relations between the style and muscle activity were discussed focusing on different levels of co-contraction. The same approach is able to be applied for disordered tongues. In a case that no stretch reflection available, the .LAMBDA. model based control is disabled. To deal with this problem, this study proposed two methods based on co-contraction level for speed control using force based control. (author abst.)

    43. Cosmological Constant
    Because the time to reach a given redshift is larger in the OmegaM = 0.25, lambda = 0.75 model than in the OmegaM = 1 model, the angular size distance and
    Vacuum Energy Density, or How Can Nothing Weigh Something?
    Recently two different groups have measured the apparent brightness of supernovae with redshifts near z = 1. Based on this data the old idea of a cosmological constant is making a comeback.
    Einstein Static Cosmology
    Einstein's original cosmological model was a static, homogeneous model with spherical geometry. The gravitational effect of matter caused an acceleration in this model which Einstein did not want, since at the time the Universe was not known to be expanding. Thus Einstein introduced a cosmological constant into his equations for General Relativity. This term acts to counteract the gravitational pull of matter, and so it has been described as an anti-gravity effect. Why does the cosmological constant behave this way? This term acts like a vacuum energy density , an idea which has become quite fashionable in high energy particle physics models since a vacuum energy density of a specific kind is used in the Higgs mechanism for spontaneous symmetry breaking. Indeed, the inflationary scenario for the first picosecond after the Big Bang proposes that a fairly large vacuum energy density existed during the inflationary epoch. The vacuum energy density must be associated with a negative pressure because:

    44. CiteULike: Synthesis Of Two-dimensional Human Walking: A Test Of The Lambda-mode
    To test the lambdamodel version of the equilibrium point hypothesis both for feasibility To this end a control algorithm based on the lambda-model was
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    45. Hidden Markov Models
    A hidden Markov model (HMM) is a fivetuple (Omega_X,Omega_O,A,B,pi). Let lambda = {A,B,pi} denote the parameters for a given HMM with fixed Omega_X and
    Hidden Markov Models
    This page is under construction.
    The following presentation is adapted from and [Charniak, 1993]
    Notational conventions
    T = length of the sequence of observations (training set)
    N = number of states (we either know or guess this number)
    M = number of possible observations (from the training set)
    X_t random variable denoting the state at time t (state variable)
    O_t random variable denoting the observation at time t (output variable)
    sigma = o_1,...,o_T (sequence of actual observations)
    Distributional parameters
    A hidden Markov model
    2. Find the most likely state trajectory given the model and observations.
    A discrete-time, discrete-space dynamical system governed by a Markov chain emits a sequence of observable outputs: one output (observation) for each state in a trajectory of such states. From the observable sequence of outputs, infer the most likely dynamical system. The result is a model for the underlying process. Alternatively, given a sequence of outputs, infer the most likely sequence of states. We might also use the model to predict the next observation or more generally a continuation of the sequence of observations. Hidden Markov models are used in speech recognition. Suppose that we have a set W of words and a separate training set for each word. Build an HMM for each word using the associated training set. Let lambda_w denote the HMM parameters associated with the word w. When presented with a sequence of observations sigma, choose the word with the most likely model, i.e.

    SPIRESHEP FIND DK lambda,model 3) Quark structure of lambda from lambda polarization in Z decays. Bo-Qiang Ma (CCAST World Lab, Beijing Beijing,,model

    47. LAMBDA - COBE Educational Page
    The Milky Way VRML model is one of six such models created for an educational project called Privacy Policy and Important Notices About lambda
    LAMBDA News
    Search Site Map
    "One Stop Shopping for
    CMB Researchers" Data Products
    • Mission Data
      • WMAP COBE
        VRML Models
        Two Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) models - one representing the Milky Way Galaxy and another the Interplanetary Dust Cloud - are described on this page. These models can be used as instructional tools. They can be manipulated (rotated, panned and zoomed) using a VRML browser, giving the user the sense that the models are real, tangible objects. Browsing software can be downloaded from the VRML Repository maintained by the Web3D Consortium. The models described here are VRML 1.0 models which, unfortunately, do not display properly in all VRML 2.0 browsers. VRWeb is a free browser that works well. Recommended browser settings are "wireframe" and black background color.
        Milky Way model
        The Milky Way VRML2 model is based on a statistical representation of the three-dimensional density distributions of stars of various spectral types (colors). Hot, luminous blue stars are concentrated close to the Galactic plane and in the spiral arms. Cool, red stars are distributed in a thicker layer about the plane and concentrated in the bar ("bulge") at the Galactic center. The stellar density distributions are those published by Wainscoat et al.

    48. COLA And Open, Extensible Object Models | Lambda The Ultimate
    We show that three object types and five methods are sufficient to bootstrap an extensible object model and messaging semantics that are described entirely
    @import "misc/drupal.css"; @import "themes/chameleon/ltu/style.css";
    Lambda the Ultimate
    Home Feedback FAQ ... Archives
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    Home forums LtU Forum
    COLA and Open, extensible object models
    For those of you who want some context around the OMeta paper , there is some exciting work being done right now by Ian Piumarta as a member of the Viewpoints Research Institute led by Alan Kay is an ongoing project to create a springboard for investigating new computing paradigms. Everything in it is late-bound, the intention being that any paradigm (existing or yet to be invented, formal complexity notwithstanding) be easily and efficiently mapped to it and made available to the user. It is a small part (the implementation vehicle) of the reinventing computing project An interesting and extremely beautiful place to start understanding the system is to see how it is bootstrapped, as described in Open, extensible object models (Ian Piumarta and Alessandro Warth By michael-fig LtU Forum previous forum topic next forum topic ... other blogs
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    49. SPECFIT (August02) Stsdas.contrib.spfitpkg SPECFIT (August02) NAME
    The wavelengths must increase monotonically at a fixed delta lambda. model files may contain up to 10000 points. Each model may contain a differing number

    50. Home Page For Kim B. Bruce
    Williams College Semantics and design of programming languages, type theory, object-oriented languages, models of higher-order lambda calculus including subtypes and bounded polymorphism.
    Kim B. Bruce
    Frederick Latimer Wells Professor of CS, emeritus
    Department of Computer Science

    Williams College
    As of 7/1/2005, I have taken a new position as Professor of Computer Science at Pomona College in Claremont, California.
    Click here to go to my new home page.
    This page will no longer be updated.
    Information is available on:
    Programming languages research.
    Computer Science Education contributions.
    Quick links to:
    Contact information

    Recent papers

    Courses taught
    Other Interesting WWWeb sites

    My book, Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages: Types and Semantics has now been published by MIT Press.
    Recent items
    • The slides and some bonus features from my keynote to SIGCSE 2005 are now available.
    • Unfortunately, the tail end of my paper, "Controversy on How to Teach CS 1: A discussion on the SIGCSE-members mailing list," in the December, 2004, issue of Inroads, the newsletter of SIGCSE, became corrupted at the publishers. The original correct version is available here: Inroads.pdf

    51. Lambda Americas 3D Interactive Models
    lambda Americas, High Power DC, Programmable, and High Voltage Capacitor Charging Power Supplies.
    document.write(displaymenu); Page last updated: Monday, November 20, 2006 Interactive 3D Power Supply Models (beta) To view these 3D interactive models in your your browser requires a VRML plugin. If you do not have a plugin installed, follow the link and instructions below to install a plugin. Click here to Install the Cortona VRML Client Click here for the Gen 2U 3.3kW Model The 3D models are a new feature on our web site, please feel free to give us your feedback, and let us know how useful they are. VRML Instructions: 1. Click the 3D models link above. If the Cortona Client is installed the following view should be seen. When the object appears in the browser, click the FIT button on the bottom right of the window and the object will zoom to fit the window. 2. Click the study button on the left side menu, third from the top. 3. Use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate the test object.
    All rights reserved.

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